Kindergarten High Frequency Words Review Sentences

This year I have done a lot to help the kindergarten teachers at the boys' school increase the students high frequency word fluency.  When children develop a strong high frequency word vocabulary it increases their reading fluency.  The more words you already know, the less words you have to sound out.  My newest kit for Teachers Pay Teachers is Kindergarten High Frequency Word Sentences.  This kit includes 18 worksheets that the students can use to practice reading the high frequency words.  Each sheet includes 4 sentence starters which utilizes the high frequency words they already know.  They then finish the sentence and illustrate a picture to demonstrate understanding of what they have wrote.  

High frequency words reviewed per worksheet:
1: I, like, the, see, we, and
2. a, to, come, me, with
3. my, you, what, are, now
4. is, how, of, so, many
5. where, this, find, from, came
6. but, on, will, be, into
7. that, your, who, go, for
8. here, they, soon, up, make
9. play, them, give, say, new
10. said, good, was, then, ate
11. could, she, all, over, her
12. when, some, he, no, away
13. must, by, there, down, do
14. went, only, little, just, have
15. help, one, every, ask, walk
16. look, out, very, their, saw
17. put, off, take, our
18. day, too, show


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