Night out

I know a lot of mommies feel like they should not leave their little one's at this stage. Me, I think it is a necessary break... especially for stay-at-home mommies!

Richard and I are going to see Blue Man Group tonight and then are staying the night at Universal Studios. We haven't had a night alone since our anniversary back in July. It will be so nice to get out and just be a couple. Yes, I will miss Blake, but I know he is in totally capable hands (my mom's).

Each time I take time away from the house without Blake I come back a better Mommy. I have a more energy and enjoy the little things that much more. I think every mother needs to have that kind of break. Just a moment to step away and remember you are a person, friend, wife, individual... oh yeah and mommy too!

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  1. How was the show? I am dying for a date night with my hubby!!!


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