When I was a teacher I did not use the tv or videos very much in my classroom. I figured that children had more than enough tv time at home. I also figured I would be a mother who did not use tv very much with my own children.... yeah well... then you become a mother!

Let me first clarify that I typically do not put the tv on to "entertain" Blake so I can get things done. When he was tiny I had it on as noise for me more than anything. For the most part he didn't even notice it was on... except when the weather was on. From about 1 month or so of age, Blake as been fascinated by the weather forecasts. He will stop everything he is doing when it comes on... I think this is too funny!

Now we watch tv for about a half and hour before each nap. He seems to need this cuddle time where he can sit with me (on my lap or next to me) and just relax and watch one of his favorite shows. We also put it on from about 4-5 while we wait for Daddy to come home. During this time he will watch it for a bit, then go play, then stop and watch, then play some more. I do try to work on dinner during this time, but it is usually putting things on the stove and/or in the oven. I try to prep everything during his nap time.

For the most part we watch Noggin, PBS, Disney or Nick Jr. But, we also like to watch Rachael Ray together (ok well I watch it and he plays with the tv on). He also watches the evening news and Jeopardy every night with Richard and I. How much more educational can you get than watching Jeopardy.

I realize that there are people out there who believe that children should not watch any tv at this age. I say.... That's your opinion. I limit what he watches and watch it with him. I also know that I'm not hurting him with the shows he does get to watch!

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