Blake's schedule / routine

Yes, I know the last few Friday's I've posted videos... I don't have one this week... SORRY but you can go back and watch an older one if you want: just for laughs, oh that laugh, food can be fun, or reading on my own.

Ok I know I sound like I've been complaining about Blake's sleeping issues the last few days. One thing I think you probably have realized (if you've been following my blog for any length of time) is that having been a teacher, I truly believe that children need schedules. I feel that they need the routine to have productive days. That they need routine so they know what is coming next and the expectations of that behavior.

I just also know that as a mother of a 16 month old... strict schedules don't always work as well as flexible routines. Now, is this true for all families... NO! There are some children who need very rigid schedules from day one... and some mommies who do too. I tried this with Blake and realized that we were both a lot happier if I let him sleep as long as he wanted for his naps. I also realized that there are times when you just have to be flexible (another skill that is very important to learn).

A prime example of this is bedtime. Blake goes to bed anytime between 7pm and 7:30 (when Jeopardy is over he goes to bed no matter what). Most nights it's around 7:15 that he is showing signs of being tired so we get ready for bed. Last night Richard was trying to help me get the house ready for the company we are having this weekend. So after we put Blake down at 7:30, Richard began to vacuum... not Blake's favorite thing to have going at any point in the day. I was in the kitchen and could hear Blake very upset. Now typically the rule is once you go into your room... you stay there. Well my little guy was trying to climb out of his crib to see what the noise was.... so I got him up and carried him to see that it was Daddy with the vacuum cleaner. After this he fell right to sleep. If I had stuck to the no you can't leave the room rule, it would have taken him a lot longer to fall asleep.

Last night I also put an extra pacifier into the crib after Blake was asleep... and he then slept through the night. And was very happy when he woke up at 7:15am. On with the day we go!

Blake's typical day

wake up: 6:30/7:00
walk around the block
tv time
nap time 9:00-11:00ish
lunch time
tv time
nap time1:30/2:00-3:30/4:00
play time
dinner time
walk around the block
tv time (news and Jeopardy!)
bedtime 7:00/7:30


  1. Since I have a 17 month old I totally understand about being flexible! I also used to be a teacher, so I understand about routines too.

    I think that at this age as long as you have your routine set up so that the child knows what to expect next the times that you do it at don't really matter.

  2. I love reading about your schedule. I am always wondering what mom's do when they are home. Eliza has been giving me a lot of trouble this week. We are off the day care schedule for one thing. Today she would not nap at all in her crib. I am exhausted. Tonight Pete and I are going out and I need the break. I now you are always saying a lttle time away helps us to be better moms.

  3. I'm a schedule or routine person...that is why I am not good at the newborn stage. Oh well....thanks for sharing!

  4. ahhh yes schedules I love em!!! Sonia is on such a schedule that when it gets messed up she is a BEAR!!! She does NOT like change at all and will fight us tooth and nail on certain things.
    Because I am a teacher also and schedules are very big to me I told Rich we need to stick to a routine so she knows what is coming next and man he does stick to it. Sometimes I try to change it and the both of them have not part of it!!!

  5. This was one of the hardest lessons I had to learn as a parent... I am quite rigid and if a rule is a rule then there used to be no exceptions. But I have learned, the hard way, that there are always exceptions and sometimes being lenient is the best policy!

    Glad you figured it out so soon, it was just last month that I did!



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