15 min at 5am

Well, I told you all about the other night when Blake was awake at 4 and didn't want to go back to sleep...

Since then he has been waking up about 5am... searching for his pacifier (I guess??) Yesterday I got up and sat with him (he was a bit cold that morning) and then by 5:30 he was WIDE awake and ready to start the day. Ok well he goes to bed at 7:15 so getting up that early is one thing, but I don't go to bed until 9:30 and then being pregnant I don't sleep well to begin with, and the dog wakes me up at least once (not sure why... but anyway) so getting up at 5am maybe fine for him, but not me! (wow that was a longgggg statement... not sure it was really a sentence)

So this morning when he woke up I laid there and thought to myself.... hmmm I could go see what the issue is and hope he falls back to sleep, I could lay here and listen to him fuss and both Richard and I can be awake, or I can go out on the couch and listen to him from there. Well I decided to give it a bit (why should I be the only one who suffers?) but then his fussing turned more towards a cry to I went to check on him. I changed his diaper, gave him the other pacifier sat with him for maybe 3 min and then put him back to bed.

I went back to my room totally thinking ok I'm going to be back over there in 5 min... but nope he fell back to sleep and slept until after 8am... hey if 15 min of my time at 5am gets me an extra hour sleep in the morning (yes I could have slept later but I chose to get up and spend time with Richard before he left for work) then I'm all for it.

The challenge is his whole day is totally thrown off now. Most days (hahaha... yeah well wishful days anyway) he wakes up around 6:30 and is ready for his morning nap around 8:30/9:00. And will sleep until 11 typically.... Well today he didn't want to take his morning nap until 10am... we will see how late he sleeps. Then what do I do about his need to have a short afternoon nap still... oh well at least it happened on a day that Richard already knew he'd be coming home a bit later than normal.

Soooo we will see what today brings!


  1. It's hard to EVER win, isn't it?

  2. I think he is just getting you ready for when his brother arrives. The schedule and the napping with these little ones is always changing. Just when I think I have it down- BAM! it changes again. If I were you I would be in bed at 7:30. haha My husband does not get home til about 8 so we eat dinner too late and that throws off my schedule.

  3. This will be fun to read when the boys are older. Then (maybe) it will be hard to imagine that life truly revolved around nap schedules. (Mine are napping now, whew.)

  4. Okay- so at least I am not the only one who can't get a full night of sleep. Sorry Blake had you up but I am glad he settled back down for you! Hope today was a good one!

  5. It just doesn't get easier.

  6. I totally understand...Tate used to wake up at 8am (that was heaven!) but now he gets up around 6-6:30am...sigh. Too early for my liking...but he plays in his crib for a while, while I try to get motivated to get out of bed! haha. :) Good luck with Blake and his schedule...why do their schedule's have to change so much anyways? Oh well.

  7. I have been there! I find that consistency on everything is the only way to get the whole routine down pat. I need the routine. My kids need it.

    I also envy parents and children who do not. Life sometimes doesn't work with a routine.

    Good luck and I am so with you on not being awake at 5am. SO with you. Thankfully my boys figured out I wasn't very nice that early and decided sleeping till 8 suited us all much better:-)

  8. You know, I am figuring out with J that the minute we have a schedule/routine, it changes. I am continually thrown for a loop.

    Ugh, and being pregnant on top of it. Kuddos to you, mama!

  9. Ah yes. The sleep deal. We are STILL struggling with it. But ours I think is die to sleep apnea. Which is why we are going to the doc next week!
    I hope the sleep is good for him and that his schedule stays correct!


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