more naptime comments

Last night was a rough night for Blake (ok for me too)... he decided at 4am that he did NOT want to sleep in his crib... not that he didn't want to sleep... he wanted to sleep in my arms. By 5am I was tired of playing the lets try the crib again game so I brought him out to the couch (might as well be comfortable too right?) and let him sleep until Richard came to check on me at 6:30.

what did I do today during Blake's morning nap??

--mop the floor... now that he sits at the table I seem to
have to do this a LOT more often!

--took a shower... can't skip that

--did my blog--- checked out the other's I'm following too

--posted and read here

--washed and folded 1 load of laundry

--baked chocolate chip cookies

--scheduled my glucose test

ummm yeah no nap

and now he is down for his afternoon nap... but that one isn't as long so I

--got the mail

--brought in the trash barrels

--played games on-line

--uploaded pics from yesterday

--made a scrapbook page:

I'm so going to pay later!


  1. Hon, I am exhausted just readin this. GO TO BED!


    Or you could be productive unlike me, whatever floats your boat.

  2. You did so much during his naps. I can't get that much done at all. Then again Eliza only naps for like 30 minutes at a time. Today she wanted to nap in my arms for two hours. You had better go rest. I was exhausted when I was preggo.

  3. You are like me! I'll do all the things I can think of and then if he's still sleeping...I might lie down for a bit- but usually he wakes up right then. :) I HAVE gotten better since I've been pregnant though - mainly because I was too tired to do those other things too.

  4. Wow! You accomplished a lot today. Try going to bed early today so you don't get too tired....I'm tired just reading it all ;)

  5. We mommies are all such suckers for getting things done while the kids are napping. Why is it that we just can't lay down and sleep too? When I figure out the magic behind the mommy nap I'll let you know but don't hold your breathe.

  6. YOU are on fire. Please send me some energy. stat.

  7. Why do we (mommies) do that to ourselves??? At least you'll sleep good tonight (if Blake does!).

  8. My favorite past time: NAPPING!

    Although I'm impressed with your accomplishments ... Put down the mop, laundry, computer and get some rest.

  9. You're either extremely productive or that little one takes long naps. I'm impressed with what you've got done!

  10. I just stopped by your blog for the first time and I love it here! Great blog!!

  11. LOVE the scrapbook page!!

  12. No more of this (wink).

    You should be NAPPING!!! At least for one of those.......


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