Nap time changes

As a teacher I always loved to do thing related to holidays with my class, but at the same time I dreaded holiday because they always through the children for a loop. It seemed that every holiday meant that they were off schedule both at home (hahaha... that's if they have some semblance of a schedule at home) and school. It always took a few days to get back into the swing of things, back on track academically, behaviorally, and all those fun -ly's that come with classrooms.

As a mom, I try very hard to keep my little one on schedule over the weekends, and on holidays... it just doesn't always work! The fact that well... Blake is always changing his schedule plays a roll in it. It's almost like he can't decide if he wants his long nap in the morning or in the afternoon. For a while I was only letting him sleep 1hr in the mornings then I was like... ok this is silly.... if he wants to sleep... why am I waking him up? Trust me I am NOT complaining that he is still willing to take 2 naps.

But, this makes it difficult to make plans with others. It makes it hard to make arrangements to go and do things. People do not always understand that Blake will not sleep in his carriage, he prefers not to sleep in his car seat (he will if he is reallyyyy tired), he will not sleep just anywhere... just like his mommy! He also likes the room to be dark and prefers quiet when he's falling asleep (not silence, but not noise...after he's asleep you could have a marching band go through his room and he may just stir a bit).

So this week we are finally getting back on track... Daddy's back at work (and driving himself), the holiday is over, and Mommy and Blake can do what we need to do to get back on routine. (until the weekend when Richard's parents come up for 4-5 days).


  1. Holidays equal an absolute free-for-all at my house!! Truly....

  2. Nap routines are tough around the holidays. When they are doing two naps, it seems like you are stuck in nap prison;) Thank God for the internet!

  3. I always try to keep my kids on a schedule and routine - even on vacation. Hubby's family always gives me a hard time saying it is vacation- let them up, etc. But, they don't have to deal with the meltdown that comes later on.

  4. Ah yes Nap time! Sonia does not nap anymore unless she is in the car OR home with Rich alone when I go out on the weekends.
    She will sleep at school though so that is good!


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