time change = messed up schedule!

As a kindergarten teacher I ALWAYS hated time changes. It meant the children had to adjust to getting up earlier (or later depending on which change it was), eating at a different time and just functioning differently.

As a mommy of a toddler... I hate it even more!! Now granted this weekend was a bit shall we say messed up with us going to visit my parents on Saturday oh and Richard breaking his collar bone... no big deal! Well... it's hard to keep Blake on his newly altered schedule when the time is now off by an hour. Granted because he hasn't been napping well during the day he still has done pretty good at night.

This morning was very strange to me. First of all it's Monday and Richard is home from work and sleeping on the couch. (our couch is a recliner and he's found this a lot easier to deal with and keeps him more stable than trying to sleep in the bed) Soooo I wake up at 7:35 and think ummm why is no one awake. I go out to the living room to find Richard and Abby (our dog) sound asleep on the couch. Go and check on Blake... he's out cold in his crib. So, I clean up the end table next to Richard, grab the monitor and go jump in the shower. I shower, dress and make the bed before anyone even stirs.

Now it's after 8am and no one is up. Ok, Blake used to go down for his morning nap at 9, yeah that's not happening. Blake finally gets up a bit after 8 and we had breakfast and went for a walk... can't watch Sesame Street now (our usual after walk tv show) it's not on! So I decided to follow his lead today. At 11 I tried to give him lunch, yeah he didn't want that because his body is telling him it is 10. Butttt, Richard has a doctor's appointment at 3:15, which means we have to leave the house at 2:40, which means Blake needs to go down for his nap around 11:30 so if he decides to take a 3 hour nap (which he probably will since he didn't have a morning nap) I don't have to wake him before he is ready.

My poor guy is going to wake up starving, and we will most likely have to be heading out the door shortly after he wakes up to have Daddy's "boo boo" arm looked at! ahhh the drama! I just hope that they feel that it isn't going to be a 12 week healing time (which puts it wayyyyy toooo close to my due date for me to feel comfortable with)... I hope they say it will be more on the 4 week side!


  1. This weekend was the first time I was up before the baby in, well forever. Partly because of the time change, partly because he was sick. I'll take it either way.

  2. i hope its closer to 4 weeks for your sake! hopefully he gets used to the schedule soon! goodluck!

  3. Whoever invented this whole time change thing most certainly was not a mother or a teacher. I am so sorry about your day. Hope the doctor appointment went well.

  4. It is kind of wack-o over here, too! Kaelin took a 2 hr nap on Sunday morning...I had to wake the poor, sleeping babe up because we had to go somewhere! Don't they look so sweet sleeping!!

  5. Oh man...yeah, time change certainly would mess with schedules! For now I don't have to deal with that (we have no time change here)...but I'm not looking forward to the day when time change is something I have to do too! And I hope that your hubby's collar bone will be healed much faster than the 12 week healing time too!!!!

  6. Yeah, we're struggling with the time change as well. I guess we will just take it day by day and hope it works itself out. Weissbluth (Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child) would recommend that you wake him up but I am not a huge fan of waking a sleeping baby :)


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