And the answer is.....

I don't have an answer (o:

I didn't get seen until a bit after 11:30 so my Dr said calling the hospital was silly since they'd all be at lunch. Soooooo I don't have a date. We talked about the dates that we did not want, and told him it would be best if we could put it off until after June 5th so we will see. He is going to have it set up before my next appt. which isn't until May 20th (my dr. is on vacation the week before)

soooooo sorry I still don't have an answer!


  1. Aww answer yet! Oh well...we DO know that the baby will be arriving sometime in the near future!! :)

  2. He will come when he comes! Maybe not knowing for sure is better?

    Either way I wish you a safe and healthy delivery whenever it may be!

  3. you shouldn't apologize! you can't control that you don't have a date. Let us know when you know something.....just glad your appointment went well and you and baby are healthy!

  4. rats...well we will just have to wait!

  5. Sorry no date yet. I know that's aggravating! The picture of Blake on the left side of the blog is adorable!


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