Quick post

I know many of you are waiting for today... when I find out when my little one is coming... well you'll have to wait longer! My dr's appointment is 10:50 (ET). Then Richard and I are going to lunch, and I may do a bit of shopping.

Soooo I probably won't get on again until Blake goes to bed tonight!

But, I did get my new poll up... look on the side bar underneath the Mother's Day ticker!

Have a great day (o:


  1. Good luck with your appointment and have FUN this afternoon. Lunch and some shopping sounds like lots of fun. I'll be back later though to see what your new date will be! ;)

  2. How exciting!

    Enjoy your afternoon and let us know later when the big day will be.

    I am curious about why you are having a section though...

    I had one with Jack because he was breech but opted for a VBAC the second time around and loved it.

  3. I voted! How fun! My choice is the most popular, too!


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