Anyone else want to have a meltdown right now?

wow that wasn't fun! Blake, Abby and I were having a great morning. Blake slept until 8:10, then when he got up he wanted to read a bit before getting dressed. We then had breakfast and went for our walk. After that we played on the computer (a big treat for him). Things are great... things are fine. Ok lets make ice cream. So I get everything ready and put him up on the counter to help me... he had a blast!

Then things went downhill from there!

Abby saw a cat in the backyard... ok now she is flipping out so I go let her outside. And Blake went and started playing. Super, ok timer is set for the ice cream to finish... Blake is playing and Abby's outside

Beep, beep, bark, bark, scream, beep, beep

ok who first? I look at Blake and he is trying to get Abby's treats off the counter... simple out of site out of mind... yeah not with Blake! I look at Abby she has wrapped her whole run around the tree... beep beep beep... I look at the ice cream... yeah it has to be dished up now and frozen.

Ok... I decide to ignore Blake (he is fine he just wants dog treats), I go unwrap Abby from the tree (in fear she will pop herself from her collar... that wouldn't be good) But, of course she won't come in.

I go and turn off the timer and start dishing the ice cream... here Blake up on the counter to help mommy... yeah that was fine until I was about 1/3 done and he wanted to climb over the counter.

Ok off you go! ice cream is dished... here do you want the bowl... nope He's back trying to open the drawer that I put the dog treats in. Oh guess what... Abby's tangled around the tree again!


I finally dragged her in... tried to get him to stop crying... nope I don't want to calm down. fine I'm going to wash dishes!

I think it took him 15 min to totally calm down..... all over dog treats!


  1. i have days like that too! hope it gets better!

  2. Now just imagine this with a newborn in the mix! :) Just Kidding. I hope your day was calm after that.

  3. You and me both, Honey. Most days it's the SMALLEST things that set me of. Humph!

  4. UGH! I hate those kinds of days. You just want to throw up your hands and say forget it and go back to bed!!!

  5. YOu missed a step...Go to bedroom, close door, and ignore all chaos out in house. Never forget that step!


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