Update #3

ok... last update for now! I'm sure you are ready for something else from me soon! (check in tomorrow for 3, yes 3 videos!... and 2 of them are Blake and Colby together!!)

Update on me... I'm doing well. I had my staples removed today so I feel sooooo much better. I have done something to my shoulder and find I'm taking Motrin for that and not my surgery anymore. I left the hospital only taking Motrin, I did the last time too.

Having a repeat c-section was not bad, it was strange in some aspects because I was so tired and out of it by the time they did it when I was having Blake, that I don't remember much of anything. This time the epi messed with me big time, I felt dizzy and nauseous the whole time as well as freezing cold. Yes I was glad when that was done with! And as strange as it sounds I could feel a lot (not pain but pressure) of what was going on. The sight of my little guy made it so worth it all.

I've has Richard home this week which helped a lot since I'm not supposed to pick up Blake. It's killing me to not be able to do whatever I want, but I'd say in my opinion I'm 85% back to my old self. I'm adjusting to having two guys to take care of and still haven't worked out all the issues, but we will get there.

Richard is going back to work on Monday (actually he's going in for 2 hours tomorrow), but my Mom is coming to help out at least until Thursday. The big challenge comes after that!

Thank you all for your support and well wishes!


  1. I am glad to hear you are recovering quickly. My mom came and helped me after E was born. I can't wait to see the videos!

  2. So glad you are recovering quickly and feeling better. Don't worry about having mom of 2 all figured out- once you think you get it down, one of them throws it off again anyway ;) you know, just to keep us on our toes ;) Thanks for the updates- I love hearing how you and the kids are doing!!

  3. It's crazy how much I can relate to you since I just had our 2nd baby 10 days before you! This has been my first week alone with them both...and it seems to be working out okay. I did hate the fact though that I wasn't supposed to lift Tate or do other things like that at first too...technically they say I'm still not supposed to be lifting Tate, but when you're home alone with them both you just HAVE to sometimes! I'm glad things are going well for you though!

  4. U need to change your about me!!!! Woo hoo.

    Take care. Can't wait for the videos!

  5. Congrats on baby Colby! And hope you're getting enough sleep . . .

  6. thank goodness the hubby is home to help out. I am TERRIFIED of getting a repeat c-section. I was knocked out for #1 so I'm a wee bit scared!!!


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