new routine?

well we are starting to get into a new routine around here... sort of!

4 or 5 am Colby wakes up (nurses and goes back to sleep... usually)
6:15 Daddy and Mommy get up
6:30/7am Blake wakes up (change, get milk)
7:30 Daddy leaves for work (I try to get Blake outside to say bye to Richard since we used to leave for our walk at that time
7:35 breakfast for Blake and Mommy
8:00 tv time for Blake and feeding time for Colby
8:30 walk around the block
9:00-9:40 play outside on the porch
10:00 tv time for Blake and feeding time for Colby
11:00 Blake's nap time (last few days he's wanted to go down at 10:30)
11:00-2:00 Mommy's time (shower, blog, e-mail, lunch, clean the house, oh and try to rest too)
12:00 feed Colby again
2:00 Blake's lunch and usually Colby's too
2:30-3:30 play time
3:30 snack
4:00 tv time for Blake
5:15/5:30 dinner
6:00 play with Daddy time
6:30 watch the news
7:00 bath or Jeopardy (Blake gets a bath every other night)
7:15/7:30 bed time for Blake

ok I didn't post all of Colby's feedings because well... they still are up in the air most of the time. he typically nurses for 20-40 min every 2 hours... yes you read that right! But, he does take 2-3 hour naps at least twice a day.... I just never know when he's going to do it

we are getting there


  1. You are one busy momma. I can't seem to get Eliza on a schedule. She is very unpredictable. I have been meaning to post on this but have't gotten around to it yet.

  2. Well now you just jinxed your predictable routine.

  3. I so admire you. You are on the ball (I know you don't always feel like it). Even when you (or they) don't follow the schedule, at least you have a plan of action!

  4. I know it feels like it will never end but Jillian is almost 4 mo. now and she is on a great schedule. You can do it, stressed out mommies everywhere are cheering for you!

  5. Betcha this is all gonna change now that you have it all typed out! Actually, I hope not. But I've never been able to get nap times to stay as scheduled myself . . .

  6. Oh! Just noticed that November is misspelled by blake's!

    Kaelin's schedule is sooo off the last two days and today she had a fever! Teething, I think!

  7. that is a busy day!!!! Glad that you have a schedule coming togetether though.


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