ok someone tell Colby that when you keep Mommy up until 11:30pm and Daddy wakes up at 6:15am to leave for work, and your big brother wakes up at 7am to start his day.... a 4am feeding just doesn't work!

Yes, he woke at 4am fed for 30 min so between changing, him burping him and settling him back down I didn't get back to bed until 5:15 and you know he didn't settle right down... at 6:45 I dragged myself out of bed, got dressed and just got Richard's bagel in the toaster before Blake woke up

Now Blake is watching Little Einsteins while we wait for Colby to wake for his next feeding so we can then go for our walk and start our day

Does it sound strange that I'd rather a 3am feeding than a 4am??


  1. Ugh I remember that. But I only had one at the time so it wasn't a huge deal!
    I hope his feedings get better! And that you get some rest!

  2. It doesn't sound strange at all. I'd much prefer earlier so I could get back to sleep a bit. I hope things get better and you can get more sleep soon:)

  3. no b/c then MAYBE you could have gotten another hour of sleep!

  4. not strange at all!! hope you were able to get some rest!

  5. I know the feeling! I remember thinking I'd happily change diapers for the rest of my life if only I could get a solid 8 hours of sleep once in a while.


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