Cute story

Yesterday I was sitting on the floor with Colby. He was propped up on the boppy in front of me and had a rattle and a few other baby toys that I was shaking for him.

Blake had been playing with Richard at the tool bench. Blake stopped what he was doing. Walked over got into my ladp and took the rattle from me. I thought he was going to shake it for Colby (I was trying to get Blake to shake it for Colby the other day). But, nope! He took the rattle and gently tried to put it into Colby's hand... as he has seen me do it before.

He tried more than once then handed it to me... the rest is on this video


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  1. That is cute! What a funny boy!

  2. Isnt' that the sweetest!!! I turned around the other day and Avery had picked up Lauren's bottle and was holding it for her while she drank out of it. it is sweet...and the look she had towards him was so sweet!

  3. That is so sweet! Tate tries to get Emily to hold toys all the time too. :) It's really cute...

  4. that is too sweet.... And getting so big!

  5. so cute! What a good big brother.

  6. What an excellent big brother!


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