Friday Video



  1. I love Blake cutting the grass. When he gets older he won't be nearly as intereested :)

    I can't get over Colby walking cute! Adorable how he's on his tippy toes when he does it...they're adorable Lori! You're doing an awesome job.

  2. I just love your Friday Video's Lori! Your boys are just as cute as they can be and always bring a smile to my face. I know you are so proud, as you should be. :o) Enjoy your weekend sweetie!

  3. 1. who needs toys when you have a very entertaining dog bed? haha

    2. like father like son! at least he isn't scared of it!

    3. im jealous of the sun...and shorts!

    4. colby will just go straight to running!

  4. that first video of Blake is hysterical. Colby is really moving...he is going to walk soon I bet.

  5. Wow- Blake mowing the grass and Colby walking- your boys are growing!!


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