Menu planning (week 3-revisited)

Hey look... another post from me today ... I figured you didn't get enough of me yet, so here's one more. Ok this one was ready to go a few days ago, but it's a Thursday post here you go!

Friday: yeah no clue yet. it depends on if my parents and nephew come to visit or not
Saturday: Salsa Stoup
Sunday: burgers

day 1: cheesy chicken & salsa skillet this is a new recipe for us
day 2: sweet & sour meatballs
day 3: leftover pulled pork sandwiches
day 4: chicken and cheese quesidillias

Friday: french bread pizza and nachos
Saturday: burgers with corn on the cob
Sunday: cheesy chicken & salsa skillet ... this turned out really good, but I will be honest and say I did not make it exactly the way they said to. I add more veggies, more spices, and more cheese. This will stretch out to 3 meals for us! Got to love meals that do that
Monday: leftover pulled pork sandwiches
Tuesday: Salsa Stoup ... this is a recipe I use a lot, but I can honestly say I don't follow it... lol! I did make it exactly the first time and it was really good. I just tend to then tweak recipes after. This is one of those use up the fridge recipes for me, adding various veggies and meats that are leftover
Wednesday: Chicken and cheese quesadillas
Thursday: chicken and rice-a-roni (leftovers)

tune in tomorrow for next week's menu!

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  1. sounds like you did a great job again this week! Wow- 3 meals from one! That is awesome- I'm usually excited that if I get two meals out of something. I don't think I ever have gotten 3 though! Good for you!


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