And the winner is...

Just because I haven't had enough posts already today... here's one more!

Colby's 3rd tooth broke through the gum today. So the winner to the give-away is... Shanilie at Shanilie's Moments

Oh and #4 is very close too... so if it arrives at a date that was picked by someone else... that person will win one too!



  1. Now, I forget what I guessed. I think I am way out though:)

  2. Wow...three teeth already!! We've still got a toothless 9 1/2 month old here...but I kinda like it that way so far. :) Congrats Shanilie!!

  3. cognrats to the winner and yeah for Colby!

  4. Hooray for a new tooth! We went in for our 12 month well check and found out Eli is getting his top two molars. How crazy is that?

  5. Yeaee!! Thank you so much Lori! I was very pleasantly surprised. Can't wait to see what your creative juices conjure up.


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