And the answer is....

This is a picture of Colby clapping the first time. Pam, Dana and Stephanie got it right and Cassie was close guessing playing patty cake
even better than that.... here's the video:

No one could figure out what Blake had on his face... (again!)
Blake has maple syrup on his face. He was eating syrup with pancakes (and yes I wrote it that way for a reason). He decided to suck the syrup off the plate before the pancake was out of the toaster oven (when I make pancakes I make extra and freeze the rest for Blake to have other times)



  1. the syrup off the plate! typical kid! although avery will lick ketchup!

  2. I love when babies clap their hands!!

  3. So cute, the patty cakes :) and syrup, now why is it not cute when I do that?


  4. Awww, yea for the clapping. HOw cool. I am so bad at these photo challanges. ugh. Yeah for the 3rd tooth also. My kids love books too and I have read to them since in utero. They read all the time.

  5. the clapping is priceless! I have to admit- I would not have guessed syrup! I don't know why- my kids make a huge mess with syrup so you would think it would have crossed my mind. I'm not a fan of syrup so Blake and I won't be plate licking together anytime soon :)

  6. That sounds like Lucas..he eats syrup on everything for breakfast..eggs,sausage and pancakes.

    Love the video..Allie started clapping the other day too. Funny to see how alike they are yet so different at the same time!


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