reading skills

As a kindergarten teacher, I was always FLOORED by the children who lacked book skills. These are the skills that come naturally to children who are read to on a regular basis. From things as simple as how to turn the page, to finding text on the page, and knowing that the text goes left to right.

I had read to Blake and Colby since the day they came home from the hospital. I always feel that reading is a way to connect with my sons, a way to share a bit of love. Put them on my lap and read a story. Pointing to the pictures and the text through the natural process reading.

Blake has always loved to read. I can remember watching him crawl over to the book basket and pull book after book out for me to read. Before nap time Blake gets to pick out 3 stories and he gets 4 stories before bed time. I think this is his favorite time of the day. The time he gets to sit alone with Mommy for naps and with Daddy and Mommy at bedtime to read. To share a love of stories with the people he loves.

Blake is already learning how books works. He points to the text as well as the pictures. He knows where the book begins and end as well as how to turn pages. I see him learning these very important pre-reading skills at 2 and realize... yes! I've done something right!

Colby is just starting to get into books a bit more. Having two kiddos I found it harder to find time when Colby was an itty bitty to spend time reading alone with him. I did and do read with the two of them from time to time during the day. I'm trying very hard to read to him during Blake's nap time. I'm starting to see Colby love to reading more and more.

But as a mom, especially a teacher turned mommy, the best thing I saw was this:

And since I had my camera in my hand I made this video for you to see...



  1. Caleb is really into reading right now also and Allie will just sit and listen for a while. Caleb can go on and on book after book so she tires out after three or four. I love it though!

    That video is adorable!!! He's growing so quickly.

  2. Aww, that is so cute. They are just precious. :)

  3. avery loves books too! i really try to limit how many we read at night though. i love the picture of blake reading to colby! how precious!

  4. yes!! How awesome. Reading is such a great bonding experience. We have the one the boys are it!

  5. those pics are awesome - any teacher would be proud! I usually love reading to my kids too- but sometimes I'm trying to read to Ashlyn and Riley is either hitting me with a different book that he wants or screaming because I'm not reading his book. Those moments I don't cherish it as much as I should. But - shh- today, Riley has been much calmer and I did get to read to both kids and enjoy it again!

  6. Look at big bro reading to little bro!! How awesome is that?!

  7. How neat Lori. I love to see kids with books. Lyndsy has started "reading" the stories by looking at the pictures and telling what she thinks is happening. Using those picture clues and figuring out story lines, gotta get those pre-K skills coming along. hee hee


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