It's hard to believe...

As a mother I truly believe that one of my main jobs is to help my sons grow into productive grown-ups. I do cherish the innocence of childhood. I do enjoy watching them grown and learn. But, I get the most excited when I see them grow and change and go from babies to little boys.

I like to step back from time to time and have a reality check as to where they are now. I did that today...

It's hard to believe that:

...Blake turns 3 in just 1 week... yes in 7 days my oldest son will be THREE.

...Colby turned 17 months today.. yes that means in 1 month he will be 1.5 years old.

...Blake is playing speaking more and more and not just words but phrases.

...Colby is starting to talk more too, single words and phrases but most people still can't understand him

...Blake is now playing kindergarten games on the computer and can get on the internet himself (I have certain sites bookmarked for him on his computer)

...Colby can climb up on anything and everything.

...Blake can make 24 piece puzzles by himself and makes puzzles that I used in my kindergarten classes

...Colby is now sitting at the table without a booster seat

...Blake is beginning to try new foods, although he's much prefer to have his favorites

...Colby is beginning to eat more and drink less yogurt shakes

...Blake is learning his limits in the yard and can now walk in the stores just holding onto the carts (I still prefer the places that have double carriages where I can put them both in one place)

...Colby now has all 4 of his 1 year molars and his 4 eye teeth are almost through the gums too (who else jumps for joy when this first bought of teeth are FINALLY done??)

...Blake is now wearing 3T shirts and 2T shorts (but I had to buy 3T pants for the length)

...Colby is wearing 18 month clothes, but can't wear onesies anymore because they don't snap. I've bought him some 24 month pants because my guess is by the end of Dec. he will be too long for the 18 month pants too

...Blake knows his letter and their sounds, and is beginning to sound out simple words. He can count to 20 and recognize the numerals 0-20 with limited help.

...Colby is beginning to copy animal sounds and loves to make vehicle noises too

...Blake loves to color, do dot-to-dot pictures and other art projects

...Colby loves to draw on his magna doodle and enjoys coloring, but he'd still rather eat the crayons, colored pencils and / or markers that he's using

I hope take time to step back and look at your own little ones and see how much they are growing and changing every day (o:


  1. This was a fun post. Good for Blake knowing his sounds and blending. That is awesome. His kindergarten teacher is going to love you:)

  2. It's so wonderful to see them grow up. There are days I wish they were babies but mostly I love seeing them turn into little men!

  3. I have enjoyed watching my chidren grow and am excited when they achieve milestones. Sometimes though, I still miss my babies.

  4. My three year old can play games on the computer too, which kind of blows me away!

  5. So funny I was just looking at my three year old today thinking man he is growing up. Then Goose will be five here real soon. What a great post to document. I always love coming over and catching up.

    Hoping that I will have more time soon. Miss checking in regularly. You are always one of my favorites, and first bloggy buddies.



  6. Sounds like Blake is doing excellent right now!!!!!!!You're obviously doing something right :)

  7. I love to reflect sometimes on what my kids are learning.

    Good for your guy know his letter, sounds and blends. What a smart boy. That is going to help him so much, but you already know that!!!

    Sorry I have been MIA this past week, both my boys had high fevers (104.7) and no symptoms, go figure.

  8. Sounds like they are two amazing little boys. Congrats on all the great successes!

  9. Yes, it's important to take a step back every now and then. The view is usually amazing!

  10. I love keeping tabs on kids like this! It's hard to believe Colby's getting so big already. And Blake sounds like one bright kid! All that personal attention must really help... Esme is starting to sound out simple words, too, and I keep waiting for the lightbulb flash moment when she figures out she's reading!

  11. Cherish every moment of it for time is fleeting. My oldest turned 16 last week and I just don't know how that is even possible. I was loooking through old photo albums and just cried at how soon it all passes...those precious little baby faces too quickly grow into young adult faces. But faces I am so very much proud of! Love on those babies as much as possible!


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