goals day 1

Today's goals:
--stay positive in potty training
--create food menu for next week
--vacuum the house
--bring the boys outside to play at least once
--run laps around living room and kitchen with boys for 10 minutes

Well the first day's goals went well. The only thing I didn't do was the last one, butttt when we went outside the 1st time today we played outside in the grass and ran races, so I figure that counts for both playing outside and running. Ok it wasn't 10 minutes. The reason we didn't run laps in the house is.... well we usually do that after dinner and dinner tonight was late because we were at the doctors... AGAIN! Blake was running a fever and complaining of a headache and just wasn't himself.... guess what? He has another viral infection that is effecting his tonsils. They don't want to call it tonsillitis just yet because it isn't bad... just a bit red and swollen. You know come back tomorrow if he's worse.

Tomorrow's goals:
--grocery shop
--stay positive with potty training (I think you'll see this one for a few more days... weeks?)
--make Colby's thank you card for his birthday
--do an abs workout



  1. sounds like you did great on your goals! sorry blake isn't feeling well again and i HOPE you don't have to go back!

  2. I love your goals!! I may have to do this to get myself on track too!

  3. Great goals and great accomplishments! I'm so sorry about Blake being sick again! :( I know it's frustrating and heartbreaking! I hope that he recovers quickly. Good luck tomorrow!


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