Got me thinking

Writing out my goals last night got me thinking. Every once in a while I think this blog takes on a mind of it's own. I never know what will perk my interest to blog about. Then other times I feel like it gets very structured and I know exactly what I'm going to post about. Anyone who knows me in person is probably not shocked about these changes. In many ways I'm very structured and like a routine, but at the same time I like to just go with the flow and the whims that hit me at the moment... yep I'm a contradiction in terms. Oh well.

So I've been thinking. I'd like to do these goals for a while for a variety of reasons. One of the main one being that there are days that I feel like I get nothing accomplished even when I do. I feel like I need to have a set goal(s) to accomplish and then everything else is cream. I like knowing that I did something worthwhile each day.

My thought is if I put it here on my blog... in writing... in the public... I'm more likely to do it. I'm not sure if I will go back each day and review each task or not, but I will talk about some. But, at the same time, I don't want this to be the only thing I post about each day. If I put my goals and reviews for my goals at the end of my normal post... then it will be a longggg post. It would also mean I have to either save my daily post for the end of the day, or try to find time to post first thing in the morning. Neither of these makes sense to me.

My thought is to do my random posts during the day, I'll still post Tasty Tuesday, but the other days will be a whatever is on my mind kind of thing. Then each night before I go to bed, I'll post a quick short post with my new goals and any reflections on that day's goals.

Please don't feel like you have to reply to both posts, but replies are always welcome and much appreciated (o:

If you want, join in... think of a few goals for yourself each day and post them. See if you feel more accomplished by completing the goals each day. I know Bee will be, since I stole this idea from her... lol


  1. so im not the only one that feels like i get nothing done even though i know i do! i'll be here when i can!

  2. Sounds like a great idea! Writing down your goals is so really helps in achieving them!

  3. I'm so flattered! This is a great idea. I've been doing this for all of two weeks and I've noticed a huge difference in my mood, life, and my house! :) We'll keep each other in check!


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