Success... maybe? (heads up potty talk for those who don't like to read it)

I mentioned yesterday in my random weekend thoughts that we had begun to potty train Blake again (I really hate that term). If I had re-posted last night I would have said... I'm crazy... this isn't going to work. Two days and no success... what am I going to do? I refuse to backtrack this time, but I'm not sure he gets what I'm expecting him to do. I went to sleep thinking this weekend was a total failure. I was cringing trying to figure out what to do on Tuesday when he goes to school. I couldn't send him in underwear knowing full well he would not be successful. Yet, at the same time I didn't want to go back to putting him in pull-ups when my goal is to only use them at night. I was dreading today... I mean I was really scared to see what today would bring.

What did today bring? Well the last time Blake went to the bathroom last night he successfully peed on the toilet... that meant that through the whole day he was successful twice. We had made a few changes in what we were doing and I had that in my back pocket for today.

Whenever Blake peed on the toilet he earned a new Monster Truck. We tried having him get M&M's first and work up to the Monster Truck, but that did not work. We then decided (on the spur of the moment) that if he had an accident we would take the Monster Truck back and have him re-earn it.

Today... well he only peed on himself once! He actually stopped playing more than once and went to the bathroom. The last time he went we were actually outside and he managed to get in the house and to the bathroom. I was sooo proud of him and even more important he was proud of himself.

We have 2 more trucks to earn and then we will go back to M&M's and hope that now that he has felt success he will start weaning himself off the rewards. (Now if we could just master poop... oh but that's another story)

Goals for tomorrow:
--stay positive in potty training
--create food menu for next week
--vacuum the house
--bring the boys outside to play at least once
--run laps around living room and kitchen with boys for 10 minutes

I may start posting these goals and if they are accomplished as a separate night time post that way I have all day to attain them and think about the next days goals. I'll think about it.



  1. Great job Lori!!! Sounds like Blake will have the hang of it all before you know it:) Our boys must be alike. Sean wouldn't go for the m&m's either so we did Thomas trains but now he's able to just get the m&m's or skittles for peeing. We have Thomas trains all lined up for pooping now, though. He has not earned many, but enough to make me hopeful;)

  2. Yeah Blake!!!!!! It's so neat to see how proud of themselves they are when they start to be successful. Jillian has the pee thing 100% but we're still working on the poop issue. We'll keep chugging on together Lori. We will get there!

  3. Progress...that is always good. Keep up the good work Blake.

  4. Sounds like he's well on his way now! Way to go Blake!!

  5. HI Lori! It's been a long time since I have stopped by. The school year is over up here in CT and I have time again to do things like read blogs {when the kiddos are napping!} Well, we are going through the same type of potty training issues with Jack. He is just not really interested! I am however, very interested! So we are on the potty train *grin*! Funny that you mention taking things away, we {me} are thinking of trying the same thing with Jack. He is dying to go swimming in my parents pool so we are holding out on him and he can't go swimming till there's no more diapers.

    So glad to hear that things are picking up with Blake! Hoping today is going well!

  6. That is great progress! Awesome! (And I don't like "potty-training" as a word either. Some refer to it as "potty-learning" - which I'm still not so keen on for some reason.) For Lily, I would paint a fingernail everytime she went in whichever color she chose...not sure how effective that reward system would work for Blake though ;)


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