goals day 6

Today's Goals:
--clean the boys bathroom (this has to get done a lot more now)
--type up my Tasty Tuesday recipe since I don't feel like typing it tonight which is what I usually do
--continue to convince Blake that he can poop on the toilet and go without being told (this is getting a little better?)
--do some kind of abs workout
--take the boys outside to play in the pool
--convince Colby to take 2 bites at dinner without a major meltdown

Well I did pretty good today. I still have some work to do with both boys, but I don't expect those to be one time goals by any means. I'll take any progress as progress... and go from there.

I did manage to get in some ab workout and some wall push ups... as I said progress.

Tomorrow's goals:
--go to BJ's
--play outside with the boys
--continue potty training goals
--continue working on dinner issues
--vacuum house



  1. Oh I need to do Abs too. YIkes. Sounds like these goals are working well for you and your family. Woo hoo. I love when things work.

  2. I am still loving your goals! You are really helping me by doing this. I am trying to set daily goals as well. I just need to start writing them down. I actually exceeded my goals for yesterday. I got BOTH bathrooms cleaned and scurbbed the kitchen sink! YAHOO! Keep it up. I hope the potty training goes well. We haven't started with Ryan yet. He sits on his potty and has peed in it about 4 times total, but we're not going hardcore for a little while. He's just not ready yet. Good job with Blake! I hope he gets the hang of it soon.


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