Busy, Busy Busy... yet fun

Wow what a fun and busy weekend. It was just what the boys and I needed. Saturday we headed out early in the morning for my parents house. We don't get out there as often as you'd expect since they only live about 45 minutes away. My mom and I took the boys to the pool and they had a blast. It was fun to watch them gain confidence in the water.

In the afternoon, my nephew came over to hang out with the boys too. They had a blast playing together. I hadn't laughed so hard in a while. It is too funny watching a 3 year old learn to play hide-and-seek. He understands the counting concept and says "ready or not here I come", but beyond that... yeah it's a bit fuzzy. When he is counting he tries very hard to peek and watch where the people are hiding. When seeking he walks into the room and if the person isn't out in the open they aren't in the room. Colby wasn't actually playing, but often would help Blake seek (and actually did a better job at it). When Blake was hiding, as soon as you say something about looking for him, he would yell out his hiding place.

Both boys fell asleep on the way home and slept through the night (o:

Sunday we had a slowish morning as both boys were still a bit tired from the night before. We played a bit of Wii (another thing that brings chuckles for me) and chilled out together. In the late afternoon, Richard's sister came over for a visit. The boys had fun playing with Aunt Megan. They did a little bit of everything, including more hide-and-seek, Wii and lots of racing around the room. They both crashed again right after getting into bed. Let's just hope it means another full night of sleep.

Tomorrow's goals:
--get up early and do P90X's shoulders and arms
--boys' laundry
--go to the gym do some kind of cardio and let Colby have some time there with Blake before going on his own again on Tuesday
--Blake has speech
--write checks for Blake's new day care
--pack Blake's change of clothes for new day care



  1. sounds like it was a great weekend!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! You reminded me I need to set my goals for tomorrow!

  3. You and the boys had lots of visitors. HOw fun. Good luck with that P90X...sounds too hard for me.

  4. Sounds like a buys but fun weekend! It's great coming home with really tired boys!

    Love your goals!

  5. Sounds fun! Lillian LOVES hide and seek - but is the same way! She always hides where ever I just hid and she'll say, "Go look under the table! I'm behind the curtain!"


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