Photo challenge

I haven't done one of these in a long time.... ok what did Colby get into??


I'll tell you tomorrow morning.

Today I did pretty good getting my goals done. I did get up and do P90X and then take the boys to the gym. They said Colby fussed a bit in the beginning, but settled right in after a bit. When I picked them up he was sitting at a table with some 8/9 year old girls coloring... yep he's a ladies man! Blake had a great time and asked to go back. The rest of the day we had a quiet day as both of them have runny noses again and after a busy weekend I figured they could use a bit of quiet.

I had to laugh at bathtime tonight. I recently bought Crayola Color Bath Dropz for the boys to use in the "big tub" aka the tub in the master bath. I let them each pick one tablet to add to the tub. They love trying to guess what color the water will turn. Well, today for the first time they both picked yellow tablets. I had the hardest time seeing them in the yellow water... all I could think was they were taking a bath in pee water. I should have taken a picture of the water to share, but I didn't. I haven't had an issue with any of the other colors, but this one really through me for a loop... oh well.

Goals for tomorrow:
--Bring Blake to his new day care for the first day!
--remember to bring all the paperwork, change of clothes, checks etc with me to drop Blake off!!
--As about the schedule of Blake's class so I can figure out what time to pick him up
--vacuum the backseat of my car, I don't even want to think about what is back there
--get to the gym? that is a big question mark as right now I'm wearing my knee brace and can barely bare weight on my right knee. But, I want to get back in for if anything to keep up the progress of helping Colby adjust to going.
--remember to put the recycling out before bed (they get here EARLY on Wednesday mornings)... got to go put the trash out tonight as soon as Colby gives in and goes to sleep
--cook dinner... I didn't tonight since I didn't have anything planned so we had a "what do you want to eat" kind of night.



  1. is it cake?

    glad they had fun in their "pee water!"

  2. Kamden thinks it's cake icing - he leaned over and asked who that boy was and what he had all over him. Then he guessed!


  3. I think that he got into the paints. Too cute...that boy.

  4. Oh! Oh! I know! I know!! *shoots hand up in the air* :)

    Hope he enjoys the new place! And that's great that Colby is adjusting to the gym! Hmmm...maybe after things settle down here I'll think about going to. There's an awesome gym on base - but NO childcare!

    And thanks for the reminder - I better get my trash out to the curb right now!

  5. My girls love the crayola tub crayons. They can draw on the walls, it washes off easily and it turns the water colors too a little. Oh and I think maybe he got into your colorful baking experience...

  6. haha, I love that picture! :)


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