Check, check and check

Yep, I managed to do everything on my goal list today.

Tomorrow's goals:
--go to the cardio dance class at the Y. (we got a new Y membership which I plan on taking advantage of as much as possible. I think it will be good for me to get out and workout and meet other people. I also think it will be good for Colby to get some time with other children.
This class was a LOT of fun, and laughs. But, I did feel very uncoordinated at times. I've taken aerobics classes before and done some videos too so I knew a lot of the moves but trying to put them together a few times I felt like I was always on the wrong foot never mind add in the arms. I laughed a few times when the instructor said "ok this next one should really get your heart rate up" ummm how much higher do you want to get it up? Or at one point she said "this next one should be your big heart rate jump." Colby... well he didn't too as well as I expected. I think it may have been a bit overwhelming for him as there are kids of all ages from infants to 9/10 year olds in the room. When I went to get him he was crying and they said he cried on and off the whole time. My poor little guy. I wish they had come get me to at least comfort him.

--remember to ask if Blake can bring in cookies to preschool on Thursday (that will be his last day the center that he goes to right now)
Did this. Now need to get 2 cards for Blake to give the teachers. I'm still torn on if he should give the teachers each a gift or not. And if so... what?

--do laundry so Richard has all clean clothes to pack for his trip (he is leaving on Wednesday... booo!)

Yep, I did this too. And put it away, just in time for him to take up out tonight to pack.

--menu plan for the week

This was harder than normal. I struggle with planning when it's just the boys and I. Do I cook things that I know they are more likely to eat, or do I try to cook in my normal way? I don't want to become a short order cook while Richard is away, but I can't really justify a full meal for well really just me to eat it all.

I also found time to bake a batch of cookies which I really wanted to do so Richard could take them with him on his trip. I baked a batch of peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. They are yummy. Hmmm maybe I used up all those calories I burned off working out on the cookies I ate this afternoon??

Tomorrow's goals:
--get up way too early to take Richard to the airport. I decided that I want to get the boys up early so they can take Daddy to the airport. Then we will also pick him up next week.
--go to the grocery store to shop for the week
--have Blake sign the cards for his teachers
--maybe go to the gym again... this depends on how Colby is feeling and how tired they are after getting up really early... we will see (if I don't do this I won't be super disappointed)
--look for a room darkening curtain for Colby's room. We have one in Blake's room, but not Colby and he sooo needs it now.
--survive day one of single parenthood... not sure how real single parents and military parents and such do it all the time



  1. Way to go Momma! When I do my workout dvds, most of the time is me trying to catch up and figure out what my arms are supposed to be doing. I don't know how I'd keep up with a real class! Good for you! I can totally relate about the cooking - sometimes I'm feeling like I'm just cooking for one because I know Lily won't eat everything. However, that's how I got on the canned soup/mac n cheese/take out rut. I'm trying really hard to cook every night - even though it is just the two of us. I say do a combo of things - make what they one a few times and make what you want a few times. You can always have the leftovers the next day so you don't have to cook again (if you're a leftover kind of gal). You can do it!

  2. Please send me some of those cookies.

  3. Good luck with your early morning airport run...I hate waking my little ones up!:) I agree with you, I don't know how single moms do it all the time....I hate it when Dave goes out of town!!
    Enjoy the day


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