A clean penisula... but for how long??

Do you have a place in your house that never seems to be clutter-free??? We have a few and the one that really drives me bonkers is the top of our peninsula.
I'm pretty good at keeping the main counters clean, but the peninsula... not so much. I think it started as Blake began walking. It became the "put things out of reach spot". And, since he just starting to be able to reach the top now it has continued to be a catch all spot. (Blake can barely walk under the ledge of the peninsula now and often forgets that he grazes it and shouldn't jump under there)

We are constantly cleaning if off and having it re-clutter within a few days. I did get it cleaned off today. PhotobucketPhotobucketAs I type this there is more clutter on it since I took the new pictures. grrrr! It is the place where the mail gets dumped, anything that we need to go back to soon is kept (ie the red folder at the end is for Blake's new day care), and just things we take away from the boys.

Oh well... one of these days we will get stools to use there to make it the breakfast bar it is intended to be and maybe then it will have less clutter?? Maybe!

I did accomplish all my goals today and did a few other "bigish" projects. I swept the porch and cleaned our sliding glass windows (another bane of my existence!). The boys and I did a fun art project which I will share pictures from on Wednesday.

Tomorrow's goals:
--go to the cardio dance class at the Y. (we got a new Y membership which I plan on taking advantage of as much as possible. I think it will be good for me to get out and workout and meet other people. I also think it will be good for Colby to get some time with other children.
--remember to ask if Blake can bring in cookies to preschool on Thursday (that will be his last day the center that he goes to right now)
--do laundry so Richard has all clean clothes to pack for his trip (he is leaving on Wednesday... booo!)
--menu plan for the week



  1. We have a spot like that. It is a small desk-like spot in my kitchen. I clean it off everyday and is still the biggest catch-all spot in our house.

  2. Our spot is the corner of the counter by the phone and the kitchen table. They are both always cluttered with things. I am trying to keep both places neater too.

  3. My table is the catchall spot and it gets a mess in a hurry! I've been trying to make a conscious effort every day and I'm getting better. :)

    Have fun at the Y! That's a great idea!

  4. We live in a very small house so I often feel like the whole house is clutter free!

  5. yes we do it is the dinning room table and it is full right now and it drives me crazy too. Love your peninsula. Wish I had one to clutter.

  6. I get frustrated with the clutter on my island, dining room table AND by the phone! It just seems to overflow everywhere! Keep up the good work! :)

  7. I think we all have those spaces. Mine is my dining room table so I do have to clean it off everyday before dinner.

  8. You should see my place right now, and I bet it will take me a week to get straightened out after being away. And, then there is my yard, it looks totally overgrown, and I even had our neighbour cut our grass. It is good to go away, but a lot of stress and work to come home. *sigh*

  9. We have a "clutter" spot like too....it is the island in our kitchen. I hate mail days....there are papers everywhere! I try to keep it clutter-free but it just doesn't happen!


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