Back on track

I decided to get back on my goal planning wagon. I stopped for a bit because Richard was traveling, Blake got sick, Colby got sick, life got crazy... you see where this is going?

Granted Richard is getting ready to travel again very soon, and this time will most likely be gone for 8 days. Yes, I said 8 days. I will not go crazy. I will not pull out my hair. I will spend time loving my guys and enjoying my alone time. Maybe I'll do some digi-scrapping at night? Maybe I'll make a new layout for my blog (although I do like this one for some reason)? Maybe I'll catch up on all my tv shows that are DVR'ed? Maybe I'll get up early and workout? We will see how it goes. But, first we have to find out when he will be leaving.

Back to goals:
--vacuum the house
--make baked pretzel crusted chicken for dinner
--pack Blake's change of clothes for school (it got sent home on Thursday)
--clean off the peninsula in the kitchen
--get the boys back into their routine (just in time for it to change again next week... more on that later)



  1. Routine is good. HOpe that you are able to get back to one. I have missed ours this has been crazy here.

  2. school already?? yikes!! I am trying to get moving earlier in the am so I am not shocked in Sept!! Managing life in chaos is my goal!! ;) b/c it never seems to slow down!

    ps just realized I hadn't followed yet!

  3. I already responding to the second part of this - but I'm so happy to see the goals again! I can totally relate to having hubby gone and losing routine. You'll be great! And I think those are all fine ideas to do while he's gone!


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