A Day to Smile At (o:

I wasn't sure what kind of day today was going to be when I woke up, or was woken up. Blake woke up and was very upset because he had an accident on his way to our bedroom in the morning, or actually on the way back to his room. He must have peed during the night too as his pull-up was very full and he leaked. Usually when Blake has a rough start to the morning it means a long day for everyone.

But, not so much today. He seemed to turn his mood around quickly and was laughing and watching tv waiting for everyone else to wake up. Richard went for a bike ride with some co-workers in the morning and the boys and I played Wii, baked bread, and just hung out. Colby was tired so he went down for an early nap.

After Richard got home and cleaned up, I actually went and laid down to read and have a much needed nap. I was woken up by Colby's smiling face. The boys decided to bring the Monster Trucks and trains in and hang out with Mommy in bed for a bit.

We then went outside so Daddy could finally finish up the facing on the deck. The boys love watching and helping Daddy work with the tools. After we went outside and played in the grass. Richard and I tossed a frisbee around, the intention was to help Blake learn to throw it since he wants to, but he ended up playing with Colby instead. The boys ran races, jumped in mud puddles, threw the frisbee a few times and just had fun playing outside.

After cleaning up again, we had dinner... a rare treat for us to all eat together. Then we all played Wii together. The boys had fun getting a chance to play this with Daddy too.

I love days like this. We were relaxed. We had fun together. We laughed. We smiled. We were the family we want to be, when life doesn't get in the way. My fingers are crossed that Richard won't have to travel again anytime soon as this last trip really effected the boys. They both had a harder time with this travel even though it was shorter. I know Richard is ready to stay put for a while too.

I hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable weekend too.

Tomorrow's goals:
-- get up and do Ab Ripper X
-- go to the Y to do cardio (remember to bring my brace)
-- get the living room vacuumed before speech
-- bake cookies for Daddy to take to his fantasy football draft on Tuesday night (this will be my TT recipe too... so be watching)
-- clean bathrooms (not sure this will get done, but I'll try)



  1. Those are the best weekends ever. Family time is the best!

  2. Sounds like a sweet simple Sunday.
    Enjoy the day

  3. I'm glad that Richard made it home safely and that you all had a nice relaxing weekend. A nap sounds good. :)

  4. Your weekend sounds great...I am so jealous. Mine was crazy.


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