Where do you keep your flour?

I was thinking as I was pulling out ingredients to make cookies that I never share any of my tips and tricks with you. For example did you know that if you keep your flours in the freezer they stay fresh longer? I also keep my brown sugar, nuts, bread crumbs, graham cracker crumbs and pancake mix in there. That way I can buy bigger quantities and always have it on hand. I usually have 3 kinds of flour in my freezer AP, whole wheat and bread flour. That way when I'm in the mood to bake or make bread or something I know that I have flour and it is fresh.

I store my homemade cookies in tins. They always seem to stay fresher that way. Richard actually has his own tin that he takes to and from work when I bake. His fellow employees know that when the tin is on his desk he has fresh baked goods to share. Blake now knows to look on the counter for the cookie tin too. He gets excited when it is up there, even when helped bake the cookies.

What is your favorite kitchen tip? What was the last tip that you were given that was a big ah-ha moment for you?

Today's goals:
-- get up and do Ab Ripper X [check.... Blake was up too so he did it with us too]
-- go to the Y to do cardio (remember to bring my brace) [check and check]
-- get the living room vacuumed before speech [check]
-- bake cookies for Daddy to take to his fantasy football draft on Tuesday night (this will be my TT recipe too... so be watching) [check... cheesecake cookies... yum!]
-- clean bathrooms (not sure this will get done, but I'll try) [check. I got motivated to do this after an accident... if I'm going to clean the floor I might as well clean the bathroom and if I'm going to clean 1 I might as well clean all 3]

Tomorrow's goals:
-- get up to do p90x
-- go to the gym for pilates class (I usually do an aerobics class on Tuesdays, but since my sinuses are still bugging me I think I'll just stick with pilates tomorrow)
-- menu plan
-- decide what desert I'm making for the party on Saturday
-- convince Colby that he wants to take a nap


  1. Hmmm...I dont have the freezer space since we don't have an extra storage freezer....but maybe some day. Great tip! I think my most recent favorite tip was to use stuffing mix for my meatloaf. It's seasoned just right and provides your breadcrumbs. Just add an egg and a healthy splash of milk with is and VIOLA!

  2. yeah i can't keep all the stuff in my freezer...id have no freezer left! kitchen tip...hmm im sure i have a million, but can i think of one? not really....

  3. I keep my flour in a sealed canister on the counter. I don't have the freezer space. As far as a kitchen tip, I just bought a little decorative kitchen chalkboard that I write our weekly menu on. It hangs on the wall in the kitchen. When I cook a meal, I just erase it. That way I know what I have left and it's always visable!

  4. wow...I wish I had the freezer space to keep my flour chilled, sounds like a great tip.
    Haven't tried this yet, but I want to this week....when you are making things like muffin recipes that you make often, mix several batches of the dry ingredients and label them for future use. When it is time to bake, grab them and just add the wet ingredients. Great for school day mornings when time is short.:)
    Enjoy the day


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