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Ever have one of those days/nights where you go to type up your blog post and totally forget what you wanted to type about? I'm having one of those right now. I know that more than once today I was thinking... oh I should write about that tonight, but the moment I have time to type up my post... my brain is FRIED.

Now, I could post about the fact that bedtime has been horrible the last few nights. I could post about Colby doing awesome at the Y today. I could post about the fact that not only did I accomplish my goals, but I did more. But, I'm not sure any of those are what I actually wanted to write about tonight.

So what I think I will type about is one of the projects that I did today... I vacuumed, shampooed the rugs and re-arranged BOTH boys rooms today. Yes, I know the next thing you are going to ask... where is the pictures... ummmm I didn't take any?!

One thing I will tell you is it is really GROSS to shampoo carpets, the actual shampooing process isn't gross it is what you see when you do it. I vacuumed their rugs first which resulted in less than a 1/4 of a tank of dust, dog hair and sand... lots of sand everywhere in the house. But let me tell you that the water in the shampooer was brownnnnn. More sand was found in there, yep no shock there, but the amount of dirt that is pulled out makes you cringe. I'm really glad we bought the shampooer so I can do this on a more regular basis now. EEK!

Ok now that I've grossed you and and possibly made you either want to rent a carpet cleaner or even rip out your carpets... I'll go onto my goals (o:

Today's goals:
- go to the Y... not sure which class I'll go to yet [check went to pilates and then to the parent child class with Colby]
-- laundry... anyone else feel like this is an every day goal? [check... 2 loads done today]
-- go to the grocery store [check, we went right after the gym since I wasn't sweaty and Colby was in a good mood.. this actually worked out well other than feeling strange walking around the grocery store in my workout clothes]
-- post my Tasty Tuesday recipe [check... click here if you missed it and want to see it]
-- make tacos for dinner [check]

Tomorrow's goals:
-- go to the Y with the boys
-- take Blake to speech
-- go to the store to get a size 3 soccer ball and cleats for Blake
-- pack Colby's stuff for an overnight at my parents house (I have an appointment on Thursday and it will be easier for my mom to not have to drive over with Brady, my 4 month old nephew)
-- make ham and rice for dinner (yep not very exciting, but a favorite of the boys)



  1. why yes i do this ALL the time! and im glad we don't have carpets!

  2. having just had my carpets ripped out and replaced - they are so gross! It's amazing how much is UNDER the padding. The installer said a lot of what gets in there is powder that people use to clean the carpets. We have a shampooer and it's amazing (and disgusting) how brown that water is - I shampooed my couch about a week ago (after doing it a month ago!) and it was brown. Gross.

    And even though it's only me and Lily right now - I could probably do a load of laundry a day. Crazy.

  3. We were just saying it was time to do the carpets again. Those things are life savers when someone throws up on the carpet too. We have been known to run the carpet cleaner in the middle of the night after a vomiting episode.

  4. I would love to rip out our living room carpet. It is so stained from the boys snacks and drinks. I want to put hardwood throughout the main floor!

    I never know what to write about on my blog....that is why I rarely post these days! Maybe once school starts for the boys next week I'll be able to start using my brain some more ;)


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