Oh the horror....

Tonight Colby went and is staying the night with my parents. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and Blake goes to school on Tuesdays. Before my mother would come and stay and watch the boys, but right now she is watching my 4 month old nephew full time too. She decided it would be best if they came and got Colby tonight and let him have an overnight instead of driving over here with Brady and then back again after my appointment. This is fine... I can have a quiet morning and then I'll go get Colby and we will pick up Blake from school.

Blake was not happy to have to stay home. I think he is more upset about Colby not being home than the actual fact that he wasn't going with Grammy and Grampy. When they were leaving he was genuinely crying and upset. Yep, I understand it. Grammy and Grampy have said that Blake will also get a turn for a sleep over soon.

The funny thing for me is he continued to try to drag it on beyond the point you could tell that it was bothering him. I almost started laughing at him as he turns on this FAKE whine and just carried on like the world was coming to an end. Yes, it was bedtime, yes he was tired, and yes he was stalling big time. It was just too funny. Oh the horror... my parents are making me go to sleep in my own bed. They are taking me to the school I love in the morning. My day will be the same as always... oh the torture a 3 year old goes through in life.

Oh well... he actually did a better job at going to bed tonight so that was a positive and he will be more than fine in the morning when he is running out the door to go to school.

Today's goals:
-- go to the Y with the boys [check]
-- take Blake to speech [check... his schedule got changed so this will not be a Wednesday goal anymore]
-- go to the store to get a size 3 soccer ball and cleats for Blake [this was a LOT harder than I expected. I did finally find him cleats only to get home and realize I didn't even look at the bottom of them and they are baseball cleats and not soccer cleat. you know what... I DON'T CARE. Not this year anyway.]
-- pack Colby's stuff for an overnight at my parents house [check]
-- make ham and rice for dinner (yep not very exciting, but a favorite of the boys) [ummmmm nope... I totally didn't realize until I was getting ready to put the ham on the boys plates that I ummm... ummmm didn't buy ham this week.... oops!]

Tomorrow's goals:
-- go get my hair cut
-- go to the doctors
-- pick up Colby
-- pick up Blake
-- make macaroni with cheeseburgers (one dish even though it does sound like 2 things)
-- take Blake to his first soccer practice... yes with the wrong kind of cleats.
-- convince 2 boys that they can settle down for bed a bit late after coming home from practice


  1. i can't believe you did that to blake! How dare you?!?! just kidding...gotta love the drama at this age!

  2. Awwww......he just wanted to stay at Grandpa and Grandma's house. How precious.

  3. Awww! How very sweet! I think it's great that each kid gets some special time like that with Grammy and Grandpa. And what a great way to take advantage of some mommy time and get your hair cut (it's a perk over the doc appt, right?) :) I can't wait to hear how soccer goes!

  4. Hope your night was quiet and relaxing.. Tonight I went to cook chicken for dinner, since it was on my menu to cook tonight, and there was no chicken in the freezer. In fact the only thing we had was fish. I did not feel like fish tonight so we went out for Mexican Food!!!

  5. Oh my kids would totally not go for that at all if one of them went to their grandparents. They will all be going this Sunday. A free night for us.

  6. My parents get really overwhelmed when they have both girls at the same time so they often only have one or the other. Funny thing, they still feel slighted when it's the other one's turn. Although...who wouldn't want to stay at grammy/grampys house :-)

  7. HAHA...that is sad but still funny! My boys would be the same. If one left, the others would have a complete meltdown, especially if the one got to go to grandma and grandpa's!


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