Proud of my guy!

Today was Blake's first soccer practice. Let me tell you it was choas trying to figure out who was on what team and what team was on what field. Yep that was not fun!

Once we found our coach and got started that's when the fun began. Blake did a great job listening to directions and actually did really well playing too. Of course I forgot my camera at home, but I will bring it next week!

But, that is not what made me proud of him. Oh I'm glad he listened and paid attention... who isn't proud of those moments? I'm proud that he took turns and waited while others were taking theirs. What really made me proud? What made my heart sing?

One of the little boys on the team didn't seem to be having much fun, and wasn't big into participating. The coach had everyone cheering him on to get him to join in the fun. One time when this little boy was at the other end of the field from the coach, and everyone was waiting for him to join them, Blake ran down the field said "Come on (name), I'll run with you". Then as they were running down the field, Blake was saying "good job (name) you can do it!" When they got back he looked at the child and said "great job". I heard him cheering on every child when it was their turn and told some "it's ok try again".

I was so proud of him! So not only is he going to begin learning the early skills of soccer, but he is already learning good sportsmanship!

Today's goals:
-- go get my hair cut [check]
-- go to the doctors [check]
-- pick up Colby [check]
-- pick up Blake [check]
-- make macaroni with cheeseburgers (one dish even though it does sound like 2 things) [nope.... I decided it was too tight of a time for me to make this and I wanted to make sure Blake had a dinner he would like so Blake had leftover pizza and Colby had left over mac & cheese... Kraft not homemade]
-- take Blake to his first soccer practice... yes with the wrong kind of cleats. [check]
-- convince 2 boys that they can settle down for bed a bit late after coming home from practice [ummm half check, Blake fought it to begin with and now Colby is awake ... yes it's really late for him to be up at 8:45... ]

Tomorrow's goals:
-- go to story time
-- boy's laundry
-- make chicken for dinner... I'm trying a new recipe that I concocted in my brain
-- ummm there's more but I can't think right now



  1. Oh, that is so sweet! What a great little boy you have, such a good friend. I can see why you are so proud! : )

  2. That is the best thing I have ever heard! Way to go Blake - you are a good sport!

  3. Awww...what a precious boy you have there! Obviously, he gets lots of encouragement at home!


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