Not going to complain

I could whine about today, about the fact that I saw every hour from 11pm-3am and that at 4:45am Blake was in my bed because he peed his own and I was not in the mood to change his sheets and try to get him settled down again. I could share my whine about the meltdown that I had this morning, but I won't.

I will say that we went to story time and both boys did great and the rest of the day was lots of fun for all of us. Blake watched Monster Jam while Colby napped and I made beds. Then after Colby woke up we played the new Thomas game again. After that we decided to play a bit of Wii... this is always good for a few laughs. Then I decided that I would try to get a workout in (since I didn't get up at 5am... see above's non-whine if you wonder why). I put in P90X's plyometrics workout figuring that the boys would enjoy a workout that is mostly jumping. Colby pretty much ignored the whole thing, but played with his trains and his school bus in the living room. Blake did about 25% of it with me. I find it funny to watch his interpretation of what they are doing on the video.

I was just glad that things turned around and we ended up having a good day. Both boys have runny noses and those pesky coughs (you should have seen some of the looks I got at story time when Colby coughed once... you'd think he had vomited or something). They are in bed, yes notice that it is early than yesterday, and even bedtime went smoothly... shoot hope I don't jinx that and have them both up and screaming by the time I hit send.

All I have to say is I hope I get a better night sleep, cause I don't think I can handle many more days of crap sleeping.


Today's goals: (all done... see above's ramble if you don't believe me)
--get up early again to do p90x
--story time at the library
--strip the beds and wash all the sheets and remake the beds
--paint with the boys ( I got frames to put their artwork in and want new paintings to put in them) We did paint, but I ended up putting pictures they colored with markers in the frames instead... lol

No goals for the weekend... I'll be back on Sunday for Monday's goals

Tune in soon for the new blog design. Think I'm going to go work on it as soon as both kiddos are sound asleep. (o:



  1. Well I am very happy to hear the day ended much better than it began. Hope sleeping goes good tonight!

  2. Other than the rough start, it seemed like a good day! :) I hope that you (and the boys!) get great sleep tonight!

  3. Wow that was a rough start to the day...glad it turned out better.

  4. I hate watching the clock at night when I can't sleep. Hope you slept better the next night.

  5. love the new design!!!
    I will have to check out that link.
    Enjoy that your day is DONE!:)

  6. I'm pretty sure I would have complained! Sounds like a good day with some fun things one the agenda...other than the bed making! ;)


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