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Ok, I'm tired tonight. Those two wear me out some days! We had a good day together, but tonight they just got each other so wound up running around that bedtime was full of silliness and goofy behavior. Yes, I know that this is normal from time to time, but when you are tired you don't really feel like having this behavior instead of getting jammies on, teeth brushed, and stories read. I knew it was coming when they decided to play run and crash as soon as I gave the 10 minute warning for clean-up time. They did do a good job cleaning at least. The problem is although you'd think that this running and craziness would wear them out, with Blake it is usually the opposite effect. Right now he is sitting on his bed playing with his door. He is in his bed at least, but I know it is going to be a LONGGGG settle down time. And that often means that Colby has a hard time settling down too. When they both struggle and I'm on my own it makes for a really long night.

I know some of you are thinking that I should just keep them up a bit later if they are wired, but I know my boys and it actually means I kept them up too late. When my boys get overtired it takes longer to settle. When they are overtired they are sillier. I intended to start stories at 6:30, but didn't even start cleaning until that time tonight. The last few nights I've put them to bed between 6:30 and 7:00 and it has been really good for both of them. They both sleep 11-12 hours or more at night and I don't mind having them get up at 6:30-7:00am.

Oh well... tomorrow back to getting them settled as soon as I see them getting tired. As for now... I'll play the get back in bed, ignore those in their rooms, check on Colby, etc.... games of a tough night time.


I did good with my goals today:

--get up early and do p90x.
Yep I did this today. It was actually funny cause Blake woke up early and decided to come workout with me. I had to laugh as he tried to do push-ups, use the bands for pull-ups and lift the weights.

--bring Blake to school for his last day at that center (remember to bring the cookies, week's tuition (that I forgot on Tuesday), change of clothes, cards... then remember to bring everything of his home again when I pick him up)
check! They really enjoyed the cookies and seemed sad to see him go, but I know it is for the best for him

--do something fun and alone with Colby, not sure what, but he needs some mommy time.
Colby and I went to Target after dropping off Blake and did a bit of shopping. We don't do this alone very often so it was nice to have his attention as we walked around the store. I also picked him up a Gordon train which he keeps asking about and got a new Thomas game for the two of them. Colby and I played this game 3 times before his nap and I can't tell you how many time with and without Blake since then. I guess this was a good purchase.

--clean all 3 bathrooms

Tomorrows goals:
--get up early again to do p90x
--story time at the library
--strip the beds and wash all the sheets and remake the beds
--paint with the boys ( I got frames to put their artwork in and want new paintings to put in them)


  1. I'm sorry dear! I know it is so hard when you are tired and on your own - even when the kids are on their best behavior. But it is so much harder when they are wound up too. I hope they both sleep well for you so you can rest. Yeah for starting P90X again. Those workouts kick my butt! I'm sweaty and ehausted afterward. But I know I'm getting myself healthy and that I love! I don't know how you get up early to do it though! I a not sure how I will get it in when school starts again.

  2. Seems like the nights we have the least patience and/or energy that usually happens. Bedtime is something we dread here....each and every night. Full of whining and stalling and excuses and more whining. Sigh. I will confess, in my secret heart of hearts, that I wish some drug company would make Children's Lunesta. I'd buy stock in that, lol.But glad B's last day went well and you and C got some good shopping time together. Makes you braver than me, I try to avoid shopping with my guy...never ends well. Good for you getting a workout in too...i can't even bring myself to think about working out with this heat here. One walk outside and you're drained for the whole day!

  3. I totally agree with you - keeping them up later is NOT the answer when they're wound up! Lily gets the same way - when she's over tired or it's past her typical bed time, she gets very silly and it's overwhelming at times.

    The games sounds like a great investment indeed! :)

  4. Good for you! I hear P90X is a killer!

    My boys get wound up too if I keep them up too late. Usually our routine helps get them settled down a little bit.

  5. I hear you on bedtime too. I was a single mom tonight as Mike was golfing with some friends. Ryan was acting out, kicking the dog, and by 6:45 I had him in the bath. I was DONE! I did really well on my goals today too and got them all done.

  6. You go girl with getting your goals accomplished. That is awesome. Hope that they settled down and sleep well. The later mine go to bed the earlier they get up...isn't that crazy?

  7. WOW! Your blog looks great. It has been awhile since I have read all my blogs and they all look so different!!!

    Love that you are getting all your To-do's done. I got in that mode today, and cleaned my whole house!!

  8. Oh Lori I feel your pain with the wound up at bedtime thing. My husband works late and tries to get home most nights right at bedtime so he can say goodnight to the girls. BUT...my girls and their daddy love to goof around so many nights it ends up with them all three wound up and bouncing off the walls. My girls have such a hard time falling asleep then! I wish he wouldn't wind them up so much but on many days it's the only real time he gets to spend with them. So I hate to squash it. Ho hum.


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