What a dayyyyy

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All I have to say is 4:45am is way toooooo early! What a day. We got up showered and dressed. I then had to get up both boys and get them dressed. They did better than I expected, although I thought Blake might fall off the toilet since he was barely half awake at that point. Richard finished packing and we piled into the car. The boys had fun bringing Daddy to the airport. The whole way Blake was very chatty in the car. He really liked going up the parking garage and was fascinated when we got to the top. "Wait we're on the roof?" We stayed with Richard until he got through security. We then wandered around the airport for a minute because the boys wanted to see the Sea World and Disney Stores (from the outside of the store as they weren't open yet). We then headed back to the car and home. I missed my exit on the way home (to my credit it is a brand new exit so a new route for me) so we got to go on extra long drive home... oh well. When we got home both boys said "Daddy's truck... Daddy's truck". I said "Yes, that's Daddy's truck, but Daddy's not home. Do you remember where Daddy is?" Blake's answer made me laugh... he said "He's in line". Well we did leave him in line.

Later I got a text from Richard saying there were mechanical issues on the plane and even though they had already boarded, they hadn't left and might be there until 10 (this is an 8:15 flight). I heard back from him a bit after 10. Yeah they didn't have the right part to fix the plane and had to wait for it to be flown in from Atlanta. Sooooo, he was getting switched to a different flight. This one would not take off until noon. So now he went from arriving at 10:57am to not leaving until 12?

I heard from him around 4:45 he had JUST got to his hotel. And, what makes it worse is he still had to go into work. CRAZY. I guess what is sadder is the fact that he commented that today was less stressful than his last few days at work.

Things went pretty smooth here. Both boys were super tired tonight so as I type this at 6:30pm they are both sound asleep and have been for a good 10-15 minutes. Hmmm don't think that will happen again tomorrow.

Today's goals:
--get up way too early to take Richard to the airport. I decided that I want to get the boys up early so they can take Daddy to the airport. Then we will also pick him up next week. (check... as mentioned above)

--go to the grocery store to shop for the week (check)

--have Blake sign the cards for his teachers (check he wrote his own name and the names of the teachers on the outside of the envelope... it's a mess, but hey he did it on his own)

--maybe go to the gym again... this depends on how Colby is feeling and how tired they are after getting up really early... we will see (if I don't do this I won't be super disappointed) (yeah nope! It would so have not been a good day to do this for many reasons)

--look for a room darkening curtain for Colby's room. We have one in Blake's room, but not Colby and he sooo needs it now. (looked on-line and have a few thoughts. I can't decide if I want to get him new drapes or just get liners... I'm leaning towards the latter as I like the ones that he has already)

--survive day one of single parenthood... not sure how real single parents and military parents and such do it all the time (ummm check I guess)

Tomorrow's goals:
--get up early and do p90x (not going to go to the gym as Colby's cough was bad tonight and I hate having people look at him like he's going to make them sick... he's not! My boys have my cough which is a chesty cough that is really loud even when it's not bad... it's just the way it is)

--bring Blake to school for his last day at that center (remember to bring the cookies, week's tuition (that I forgot on Tuesday), change of clothes, cards... then remember to bring everything of his home again when I pick him up)

--do something fun and alone with Colby, not sure what, but he needs some mommy time.

--clean all 3 bathrooms


  1. Wow that airport was an ordeal. Hope you all do well while Richard is away.
    Good luck cleaning the bathrooms. Glad I only have one that we use:)

  2. wow! what a day...whew! glad im not the only one with 3 bathrooms...but we only use 2 right now!

  3. I'm beat just reading all that. Hang in there, hopefully his trip is short and he's back sooner than expected!
    But me, I hate, hate, hate cleaning bathrooms....and mopping. Argh!

  4. "He's in line" LOL! Love it!

    Wow- tomorrow sounds pretty busy! Good luck! :)

  5. Poor Richard...what a long day. At least he got there safe and sound.

  6. Oh me. I am wore out just from reading all of that. Bless your heart. Yes, I agree, I don't see how single parents do it. I am truly blessed.

  7. Yikes...what a day! I hope you had a good rest to get ready for what looks like another busy day!


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