Colby, Brady, Austin and Blake. (Brady and Austin are my brother's sons)

Today's goals:
-- visit my mom [check]
-- mop kitchen floor [check... and cleaned the kitchen which I bagged on the other day]

Tomorrow's goals:
-- drop off and pick up Blake
-- gym with Colby
-- take Abby to the vet
-- soccer practice
-- keep sanity with crazy afternoon schedule (o:

Week's big goals:
-- create Blake's birthday invitation [done]
-- work on at least 1 of the Halloween costumes [started Blake's vest]
-- drink 80 oz of water a day
-- get outside to play each day
-- at least 1 fall art project with the boys [made our monsters]



  1. LOL! Love buckethead! Looks like it was popular too since it appears to have been worn by one then one kid! So funny!

  2. Very cute bucketheads! Love the Halloween shirts too!

  3. Your boys are always so cute!

    I totally need to start making lists so I actually get some stuff done!

  4. Those pictures are so cute. I just love it. But I have to say I read Buttheads at first. LOL I thought to myself...she is a teacher she would never call a child butthead. LOL

  5. I love the boys with their cousins.


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