The other day I uploading pictures into Photobucket and Colby asked to watch some of the movies I have on there. I came across these two videos of Blake and couldn't believe just how far he has come. I wanted to get a new video of him before posting.

The first video he had just mastered many of the signs he learned in order to help him communicate. He was working on a few beginning sounds too. The second was taken last February when he was speaking a lot better, but was still struggling with a lot of articulation issues. The last video was taken yesterday. I handed him a book he had never read before, although he is very familiar with the characters.






  1. OMG! Lori he is amazing! Thanks so much for sending me the message to check it out. That is amazing progress. I really miss blogging and always say i am going to do it again but never get around to it....

    I have been working with Eliza on reading but I don't think she is quite ready- can sound out three letter words but not quite getting any site words at this point. What cards are you using in the second video?

  2. Awww! What a sweet little pool. Isn't it so much fun looking back on old videos. Wish I had of taken some when Jacob was that age.

  3. That's amazing! Caleb, who just turned 5, can't read yet. He has no interest but I've got to get working on it!

  4. I am so impressed!! That's absolutely amazing! Wy can kinda sound out super simple 3 letter words (when I make him try) but doesn't have much interest on his own. You sure got yourself a smarty pants there! And the speech improvements are awesome too!

  5. I love seeing progress videos! How cute! He's doing great!

  6. Glad to watch him using his finger to track the words...that is the way we have taught/or teaching our kids as well. Great progress!


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