the never ending game

When ever we drive anywhere the boys seem to think it is a great opportunity to play a never ending game of "I see..." Now they are not playing "I spy". Nope that would involve working together to play a game. The game they play is to name EVERY THING that we drive by.

This is pretty much what my drive sounds like:
Blake: Look Walmart
Colby: Look a red car
Blake: Look McDonalds, 7-11, Burger King
Colby: There's Ladybird
Blake: Mommy look there's a motorcycle, do you see the motor cycle?
Colby: Ladybird's gone now
Blake: Where'd the motorcycle go?
Colby: I see an escavator out my window
Blake: Is there a dump truck too?
Colby: Look another motorcycle
Blake: Hey look a Publix truck
Colby: Stop sign
Blake: Red light, you have to stop at the red light, look out Mommy there's a red light up ahead
Colby: You have to stop of at the red light

Me thinking... ok we've gone about 2 miles down the road, how much further is this drive?


  1. ahaha I completely understand. The boys in the car think it's the perfect time to talk endlessly. I always try to say it's a small space so we have to try to keep some sort of calm.

  2. HAHAHA....yep, it's the same in our car. And then they throw in the endless, "Why?" I might just turn up the radio at that point ;)

  3. LOL!!!! Oh my, at least they are keeping themselves entertained!

  4. I swear when you put kids in the car their mouths have to go a mile a minute because their bodies can't. My girls are like never ending chatter boxes in the car!


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