What Did I Step In?

My in-laws gave Blake this game for Christmas in 2009 and it has been a huge hit in our house. What Did I Step In? The game has a little shoe with a suction cup, which I will tell you we almost never use. There are game cards and tiles. You deal each player 3 or 4 cards, I don't remember exactly and we play it with a different number each time. When it is your turn, you use the shoe to step on the tiles. If the picture matches one you have, then you keep it. If it does not, you turn it over. There are also coins that you can keep, a scatter square and 2 dog poops (those are pretty much a lose a turn). The pictures include things like: bubble gum, a broken cd, a flower, an old sock, a mouse trap, and red paint. I really loved this game when we were working on expanding the boys vocabularies. They get so excited when they find a match, and often even more excited when they find the dog poop. If you have a little one who loves games, and loves things that are messy... well this is a game for you. (wow that sounded like a commercial... lol)


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