Busy month of April!

Do you ever look at your calendar and think... wow life gets busy? I know that the older the boys get the busier life will get. I realize that because we encourage them to participate in sports and other activities they will have a lot going on over the weekends.

I was just looking at our calendar for April. Blake starts soccer on Wednesday. He has practice every Wednesday and games every Saturday until June (then we will start t-ball).

April 2nd we are taking the boys to Thomas. Colby is a huge Thomas fan right now. We took them last year because it was Blake's big thing last year. I know they will have a blast riding on the train and playing on the inflatable playground.

April 8th-10th we are heading to a hot air balloon festival. I'm psyched about this myself. I hope the weather cooperates so the balloons can fly. They are also having an air show, car show and kids fun area. I'm really looking forward to seeing the night flight of the hot air balloons and taking pictures of them.

April 16th is UCF's spring football game. We are taking the boys to this since Blake has been talking about watching UCF football a lot lately. This is a short game and will be a shorter tailgating too. I'm sure they will have a blast.

April 24th is Easter

April 30th our neighborhood is having a yard sale. We have a lot of items we are going to sell and hope to make some great sales.

Guess it will be a fun and busy month for us. At least I'll have a lot to photograph.



  1. Sounds busy and like a lot of fun! :)

  2. Wow....that's busy. Have fun with all of it!

  3. Sounds busy...but a fun busy!

  4. those all sound like fun things! wish we had stuff like that!


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