Happy Easter?

I hope everyone had a very peaceful and happy Easter with their friends and family.

Our day started at 5:30am when Blake woke up looking for his water cup, luckily he went back to sleep. Colby woke up around 7:30am and Blake shortly after that. We headed out to see what the Easter Bunny brought, but didn't really get that far. Before we left our bedroom, Blake was complaining that his stomach hurt. After going to the bathroom we thought he'd be ok, but he wasn't. We found the letter that the Easter Bunny left, and then Blake felt sick enough to put himself back to bed. (If you watch the slide show, the first picture was taken before Blake went back to sleep. You can see how miserable he looks.) Richard decided to go for a bike ride. While he was gone Blake woke up came out for about 20 minutes, threw up and went back to bed. Not a good way to start Easter.

After Richard returned from biking, we put Blake into the shower with him, gave him some motrin, since he now had a low grade fever. We decided to have some lunch to see if that would help. Blake then asked to search for his basket. (again you can see in the slide show that he is feeling a bit better, but still not himself). Blake was seeming so much better so we decided to head out to my parents.

Shortly after we got there, Blake put himself back to bed again. Not a good sign! After taking his temp we were off to get Tylenol. 102.5 temp is never a good sign. The Tylenol helped and we were on our way home. After dropping off Abby, Richard and Colby, Blake and I headed to the after-hours clinic. Guess what... he has tonsillitis AGAIN! Yes, they swabbed for strep. Again it came back negative. So it is viral tonsillitis. His throat was swollen with lots of white puss... Gesh just when I thought we were out of the woods on all this, NOPE!

Hope your Easter was a lot more uneventful than ours! Enjoy the slide show of the hunt for Easter Baskets (the bunny hid the baskets and left clues to find them)



  1. Awww! Sure looks like you guys made the best of Easter! Hoping Blake feels better soon!

  2. poor blake! i do hope he feels better fast! sorry he was sick for Easter, but I did enjoy your slide show and the Jim Brickman song!

  3. Awww...too cute! Love the slide show. Sorry to hear Blake is sick, that is never fun. I thought we were getting over the cold/flu season here, but it seems to still be going strong :( Hope he feels better soon.


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