Public Praise

When we go places I often have people stop me to tell me how cute my boys are. Hey often tell me that they look alike... yeah no! I've even had a fair share of people ask me if my boys are twins. I always say thanks and move on. I don't think of these as real praise. I'm mean come on are you going to stop someone and tell them their child is ugly or dorky looking or something else? Yes, I know they could just walk by, but I am one of those people who thinks that saying someone is cute or handsome or anything like that means nothing. Yes, I'll be polite and say thanks, but I keep on going.

Today twice I had someone tell me my sons were well behaved and respectful. This is true praise. When I was picking them up from the Y one of the teachers said "your boys are such a joy to have here, they always listen." She went on to say that I must be doing something right because they are respectful. She was listening to Colby ask me if he had his class today and I told him no, not today. She looked at me and said "how do you do it". Most kids would get upset and throw a fit if their parents told them not today. My boys don't. They know that they don't get things just because they ask. I can take them to the toy section of the store and they know that they are just looking, 9 times out of 10 they don't get anything.

When we were at the grocery store waiting at the deli, the deli man said "It's nice to see such well behaved boys. And they are always happy too." Now don't get me wrong my boys are FAR from perfect. I just like the fact that they have learned at an early age how to behave in public. They have learned that they need to be quietish in the stores, they need to sit safely and wait their turn. We have worked hard on understanding boundaries and respecting other people's space.

I enjoy it when someone stops me to give me a real compliment on my sons. It really makes my day. (o:



  1. Fabulous!!! Good job momma!!! Your boys ARE cute, but if they are acting that way in public, they are so much more than cute!! :)

  2. I get the same compliments...and ive noticed such a huge difference in kids who's parents are teachers. we walked into my aunt's sewing guild one day(so 30 women) and the one sitting at my aunt's table looked at her friend and was like "WOW those kids are very..." she didn't even finish the sentence. she was a teacher for 30 yrs and she couldn't believe how well behave they were. they normally are very good out, at home its another story!

  3. Yay Momma! That's definitely a reflection of a great momma. :) I think it's a great compliment!


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