Little dogs

Ok can some explain to me the reason people treat their little dogs better than children? I mean I've seen people driving with the dogs on their lap. I've seen them carry them around in a purse. I even saw a lady pushing a dog in a dog stroller. I don't get it.

If you follow my blog, you know I'm a dog lover. I have a dog and if it's up to me I always will. Abby is a family member. She is treated with the utmost respect, but I would never feel the need to drag her around everywhere. She rides in the backseat with the boys, or if she rides in the front it's on the passenger seat by herself. How can you drive safely with a yap dog on your lap? I've even seen people driving with multiple dogs on their laps... ummm hello... safe?

She is walked on a leash. She is a DOG. She doesn't need to ride in a bag, my shirt nevermind a carriage. I know she wouldn't want to anyway. Why do people think it's ok to drag their dogs to the store? I just don't get it.

Why do you have a dog as a status symbol? My dog is a family member, a loved part of our family, not something we have to show off.

Oh well... if you are a little dog totting person, don't take offense, but please do explain!


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  1. Tell us how you really feel! ;)
    I adore dogs, the toting kind or not! I make my dogs lap dogs, even if they are 35 and 45 pounds to boot! :)


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