Proud to be American

I've been debating on this post for the last few days, and in light of last night's big news I decided today was the perfect day.

I am often in awe at how patriotic my sons already are already. Every time we see an American flag flying they point it out, and you hear the proud in their voice. "Look an American flag over there". One of Colby's favorite shirts to wear is a navy blue shirt with an American Flag on it. He also loves to wear his "Little Trouper" shirt (a picture of a child dressed in adult military fatigues) which Richard bought for him at Fort Benning on one of his trips.

Blake often can be found in the playroom listening to the Yankee Doodle Mickey cd. Both boys have many of the patriotic songs from the album memorized already. It's too cute to hear them singing them. Blake's favorite is God Bless America and Colby's is This is My Country. You will often hear Blake singing Yankee Doodle as he plays around the house.

The other day Blake came downstairs with the Leap Pad saying "Mommy, listen to this song." He then clicked and it was playing Stars and Stripes Forever to teach the parts of the orchestra. It plays other songs too, but that is his favorite.

I find it interesting that they have developed such a strong love of all things American at such a young age. I can't wait for the Fourth of July this year to to take them to the fireworks and help them gain even more patriotism.

Thank you to all the military and military families who put there lives and the lives of their loved ones on the line to protect my family and all this country stands for. It is a day to stand up and say God Bless the USA!


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  1. It is always a good thing to thank those who do so much for us, isn't it? Your boys sound adorable with their patriotism!


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