Yep, it looks like I'm slacking now. I haven't posted in almost a week. I have continued project 365, I just haven't had time to edit the pictures. We have been busy with swimming lessons, soccer, allergies, painting and just life in general.

I have also had less and less replies to my posts. Yes, I know I always say that I blog what I want not what my readers want me to blog, but when you get no replies it feels like... why am I doing this? I realize people are busy and they move on, but... you know!

I do have a recipe to post tomorrow and will work on getting last weeks pictures edited and posted. If you are a loyal reader, don't run away... I'll be back to normal soon. If you are a new reader, please go back and read some of my older posts if you want.

Happy Monday everyone... hahaha!



  1. I find when spring/summer hits, readership on my blog goes down too...I think everyone is just so much busier this time of year. I don't even have much time to post on my own blog!

  2. A week isn't bad. I took a two month break...super slacker here! And I can totally relate to the comments!

    Excited to see the recipe and pictures! :)

  3. I know how that is. I struggled to get my author post up. I have so many pictures to edit. Ugh. 5 shows just in three days for theater. It has been tough. LIfe just sometimes wins over blogging :)

  4. i know i haven't commented in awhile..and i apologize! having to do a lot of reading on my phone, it just makes commenting difficult. but i do still read. love your pics! i like the new layout, also.


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