I've been on a cookie baking kick lately. I have two more cookie recipes to post for Tasty Tuesday, hmmm maybe 3 I made another batch today. I go through this phases when Richard works crazy busy hours. Both my boys enjoy baking, and I do too. I actually like to bake more than I like to cook.

Richard has been working crazy hours lately. The boys only see him in the mornings and well me too for the most part. He is in a major push at work and it will last for 2 more weeks. It's crazy, but hey at this time if you have a job that needs you, that is a GOOD thing!

I like to bake fresh cookies at least once a week for him to bring into his co-workers. They like them and a sugar boost is always a good thing when you are working 12+ hour days/ 7 days a week. Yes you read that right.

So today I decided to make apple oatmeal cookies, because I realized I was always learning towards chocolate cookies. I guess I just love the chocolate rush myself. What is your favorite cookie to eat? To bake?


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