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Summer is certainly in full swing here, ok it has felt like summer for oh... 3 months now, but the rest of the crazy summer stuff is kicking in now. One of the big annoyances of summer in central Florida is afternoon showers. Now I don't mean a little sprinkle... nope I mean a full blown thunder and lightning downpour storm. So anything you have planed really needs to be done in the mornings before the storm. Which if you've ever visited is the only time to do anything because if we don't have a storm the temperatures are oppressive in the afternoon and you can't do anything anyway.

The boys and I are trying to find a new summer groove to the week. We have 2 new families that we have been doing play dates with lately which helps a lot. We try to go to the dollar movies on Wednesdays, which is a cheap and air conditioned mid-week treat. Blake goes to pre-school at a day care center so he can go all summer and I think if he can go... he will go! He needs the consistency of his routine and it is good for him to be out of the house, for both of us. Colby and I use Tuesdays and Thursdays as a longer gym day. We also try to run errands on those days, bake and just chill out together. Mondays and Fridays are open for play dates, going to the Y, finishing up chores, doing art projects and all the rest of the summer fun.

Today we headed out early and went to "Meet a man about a mouse", yeppers we went to the Magic Kingdom. We met up with another mom who I met on-line when I was pregnant with Blake. The 4 kiddos had a lot of fun together. It was also fun to finally meet someone you've communicated with for 5 years.

Richard has only had 2 days off work for the whole month of June, and worked past bedtime most of the month too. Friday hopefully brings the end to those crazy hours, only to bring one week before he is traveling for business. It makes for one long and crazy summer, but we make due.

Hope the beginning of summer has been fun for you and your family.


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